Life is beautiful.

This is a blog about making, savoring, gathering, and being. It’s a real, honest look into the journey of life, and the beautiful realities we encounter along the way. May you find yourself at home.

I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to This Real Journey.



If you’re looking for recipes, this is your stop. Here you will find recipes for breakfasts, sourdough bakes, fermented veg, main dishes, sweet treats, and more.


Food is meant to be shared. Find inspiration for preparing, hosting, and all things “table” here, along with general reflections on hospitality.


Food and drink are meant to be savored, not merely consumed. Here you will find thoughts on my philosophy of cooking and eating, musings on tea and wine, and other considerations worthy of savoring.


As is commonly said, we are human beings, not human “doings.” Posts here foster slowing, rest, and wonder as we take time to enjoy and simply be present to the journey we’re on.

What to Expect

Reality & Integrity

The things we put into our mouths should be real. While we certainly want to enjoy what we eat, feeding ourselves is largely about nourishment. In order to flourish, we need a variety of foods, and those foods are best when they come from well-cared-for soil, are grown and harvested thoughtfully, used in unadulterated forms, and prepared at home. The recipes and thoughts shared here are meant to foster largely whole-foods home cooking that create occasions for joy.


We all find ourselves in different seasons of life, and with varied needs, desires, and demands upon our time. Those needing to restrict their diets and lifestyles will still be able to find resources here. I cook and eat all across the spectrum: while I do eat animal products occasionally, I seek to prioritize a whole foods, plant-based approach to my cooking. Though I have a sweet tooth, I have largely cut back on sugar, and bake with natural sugars much of the time. As much as I adore cheese, I do much of my cooking and eating without dairy. And while sourdough certainly features heavily here, many of my breakfasts, snacks, and mains can be made gluten free.

Inspiration & Wonder

While rules have their place, they ought not to be the focus. They can help to protect us, to show us where the safe boundaries are, but we have a wide open space within which to explore, to play, to discover the real! Expect to find thoughtful reflections on my own inspirations, musings, ponderings, and wonderings. May these be fodder for your own.


I am all about rhythms. From daily routines and weekly rhythms to the seasons of the year and in life at large, time is a precious thing. Here you will find emphasis on time and timing. In an age full of harried and stressed-out brains on sticks, I want to encourage us all to take a breath, to slow down, and to live in the present moment. Yes, we need to plan ahead, and yes, we also need to ponder the past. But this all happens right now. Here. We’re on the journey, and we have the opportunity to live it well, rather than wondering what happened.

Let the journey begin.

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