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Oh, the Possibilities!

Red bell pepper. Yellow onion. Mushrooms. Garlic. Scallions. Cashews. A group of common ingredients that I used this week to make two radically different meals. I’d like to call this a brief study in “doing more with less.” It’s all about thinking creatively about the range of possibilities. With food, the sky is the limit.Continue reading “Oh, the Possibilities!”

On Being a Beginner

I recall overhearing two fellow bread bakers at a church gathering: “Did you do bulk fermentation?” “Was your stretch and fold in the bowl, or on a board?” The technical terms they were throwing around so casually made me feel small. Not that I was even part of the conversation. I was merely passing byContinue reading “On Being a Beginner”

Fruitful Boundaries

I love the creative challenge of doing a lot with a little, especially when it comes to food. My husband and I just took a long weekend trip for our anniversary, and planned to cook most of our meals at our rental. We stopped at a Trader Joe’s before checking in, spending the amount ofContinue reading “Fruitful Boundaries”


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