Plant-Based Spinach Artichoke Dip

This warm spinach artichoke dip is fully vegan and easily rivals its cheese-laden predecessor. It tastes just as decadent, but leaves you feeling light and nourished instead of heavy. It packs a terrific nutritional punch, being full of protein and veggy goodness while lacking the downsides of dairy. While the spinach and artichokes remain theirContinue reading “Plant-Based Spinach Artichoke Dip”

Blueberry + Pecan Scones

In my mind, there are two kinds of scones. Proper English scones, which are slathered in (proper) clotted cream and jam, and then everything else. This scone falls into the latter category, and is what I like to call an “all-inclusive” scone. Meaning, it carries all its “extra” inside it. No toppings or accoutrements required.Continue reading “Blueberry + Pecan Scones”

Sneaky Sourdough Breakfast Cookies

These breakfast cookies were born out of a desire to make one of my favorite ordinary-occasion desserts into a nourishing snack that could be eaten any time of the day. They feature sourdough-soaked oats, chocolate chips, pecans, dried cranberries, and—here’s the sneaky part—lentils. Yes. Red lentils. If you’re newer to baking with legumes, let meContinue reading “Sneaky Sourdough Breakfast Cookies”