Greetings. I’m Jessica.

It’s lovely to meet you.

While life as a student tends to keep my nose in the books, it always finds its way back to the kitchen.

Whether sipping away at a cup of loose-leaf tea, plunging my nose into a glass of cabernet franc, or fiddling with new uses for my rye sourdough starter, I am game for an adventure when it comes to food. Eating and drinking don’t merely sustain us; they are meant for our joy. I am a firm believer in the good reality of this journey called life, and invite you to join me in discovering myriad ways to get lost in wonder.

A few of my favorite things

Passing the time

Reading for pleasure is something I rarely get to do on my own, but I love to read to my husband when we’re on long drives. I adore George Eliot’s writing (esp. Middlemarch, but give Silas Marner a try if you want something short). A recent delightful find was Pilgrim’s Inn by Elizabeth Goudge.

Cookbook-wise, I’m exploring Flora Shedden’s Aran (also check out her first book, Gatherings), and continually return to Carla Oates’ The Beauty Chef and Sarah Britton’s My New Roots.

Robert Farrar Capon’s book The Supper of the Lamb is an absolute gem. As is Babette’s Feast: enjoy both the film (Gabriel Axel) and original short story (Isak Dinesen).

Kitchen gear

My favorite kitchen utensil is a bench scraper. I use only wooden cutting boards at home. I have yet to acquire a Chinese cleaver, but once I attain one I think it will be my favorite knife. (Minus an old-fashioned, perhaps antique, wavy bread knife, which I also hope one day to unearth.)

What I’m drinking

Wine-wise, I have currently been enraptured by a single varietal pinot meunier (typically used for making Champagne), and am on the lookout for one of Ehren Jordan’s Failla syrahs. Cabernet franc is always a solid choice to please me. While I lean heavily toward reds of all sorts in the colder months, I can always trust a dry riesling to be just what I need to wake up my palate.

My body doesn’t love caffeine, so I typically stick with moderate amounts of black or green tea, and various herbal infusions. (Decaf loose leaf black tea is a wonder!) I’m currently favoring decaf assam and ceylon on the daily, and a beautiful, velvety keemun from China. I’m also a fan of quality Japanese matcha.

What did you eat for breakfast?

We all go through breakfast fads, right? (At least I do. C’mon, did no one else eat Honey Bunches of Oats every single day for breakfast in high school?)

Grain bowls, muesli, and porridges are a constant go-to, especially wild blueberry oatmeal or millet will all manner of fresh fruit. I also love ubiquitous avocado toast.


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