Introducing Eden + Me

Eden + Me

Plant-based eating made simple.

Well, friends, it is an exciting time.

I have been feverishly writing and typing down all manner of ideas, plans, to-do lists and the like . . . I’m starting a business!

If you’ve read either of my recent posts about plant-based eating, you may have a bit of an idea of the passion I have for eating plant based. (If you have not, check those out here and here.) In short, the science is undeniable and compelling: eating a predominantly whole food plant-based diet is by far the best choice you can be making for your own individual health (you / “me”) and the planet’s (“Eden”).

See what I did there?

So . . . this plant-based eating thing. Who’s it for?

You got it. Let’s say it together: for Eden and me.

. . .

Ok, so what exactly is Eden + Me as a business?

Thanks for asking.

It will be a membership site. That means people can subscribe as members either monthly or annually for access to a variety of resources helping them journey to a more plant-based way of eating.

But who would pay for that?

I sometimes wonder the same thing. There’s already so much information out there for free. It’s true.

But you know what? We all pay for things that help us and provide simple solutions to make real progress. Moreover, we don’t want to be overwhelmed. We want to be healthy, we want to make sustainable changes, but trying to figure it all out on our own . . . ? Well, that just leads far too often to throwing our hands up and throwing in the towel.

And you know what?

You’re worth more than that.

So is our planet earth (and all who live here).

And frankly, the misinformation and confusion out there about what to eat is causing too much harm. I’m tired of watching people get sick so early. I’m tired of seeing young fathers have heart attacks in their early 50s. I don’t want to watch my friends and their parents suffer through a diagnosis of early-onset dementia or Alzheimer’s. The radical shifts in our weather patterns are leading to flooding, draught, and fire . . . and I’m tired of the suffering it is causing. (Aren’t you?)

Especially because so much of this suffering is preventable.

That’s right.

While I don’t expect to be able to explain all the reasons as to why right now (nor do I expect to convince you of it right now), hours of learning each week for the past several years has convinced me that eating plant based is not only wise and logical, but it is also squarely in line with my values.

Because I value a healthy, capable life. I value leaving the earth better than I found it. I’d like to healthfully invest my time here well, for as long as I have.

(And I bet you do, too.)

So I decided it was time to help others take the journey I had already started.

I’d like to invite you along. Will you join me?

I’m still developing the content in preparation for launching the actual membership, but I am going to need your help to know what you need and want.


Will you tell me? Will you join me?

Head on over to Eden + Me. Subscribe to the email list. I’ll be reaching out to provide updates and to collect input about what would be most helpful for those interested in joining this membership.

I’d love to have you.

Finally, who might you know that needs this as well? Share the opportunity to make sustainable, healthful life change.

Thanks, friends.

What’s next?

Head over to Eden + Me

Visit Eden + Me to learn more and subscribe to receive updates.

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