Banana Bread Oatmeal

This is comfort food.

I mean, who doesn’t like banana bread? So, getting those flavors in a hearty, nutrient-dense breakfast that cooks in five minutes . . . sounds like a winner to me.

The ripe banana here both flavors and sweetens, so no additional sweetener is needed (unless you want it sweeter or your banana is underripe). Bring in some texture, and additional flavor and fiber, with your choice of nuts and seeds. Cacao nibs are the finishing touch—especially if you like your banana bread with chocolate chips.

Below is my base oatmeal recipe followed by the banana bread variation. I call it “the only way” to prepare oatmeal because it changed my life and I have never looked back.

Cozy as this bowl of goodness is, this is certainly a terrific go-to for the fall and winter months; but since we can get bananas year-round, why not give it a try now?


Serves two

The Only Way to Prepare Oatmeal


1 scant cup oats

1 scant cup water for soaking

1 tsp. sourdough starter (or apple cider vinegar, *optional)

1 scant cup water (or choice of milk) for cooking

½ tsp. salt


  1. The night before, mix together the scant cups of oats and water (and optional starter) to soak. Cover and let sit overnight. (Use a glass, ceramic, or stoneware bowl for this; avoid plastic.)
  2. In the morning, add 1 cup water (or milk), the bowl of soaked oats (don’t drain), and salt to a small pot. Heat up to a boil, reduce to simmer. Total cook time should be about 5 minutes. Stir occasionally to avoid scorching. Adjust cook time to your preferred thickness.
  3. (Flavor as desired.)

Banana Bread Oatmeal


(oatmeal recipe) +

1 ripe banana (fresh, smashed or frozen in chunks)

1 – 2 T. avocado oil (or neutral oil of your choice)

1 – 2 T. of flax meal, chia seeds, or psyllium husks

*optional: dash of cinnamon

walnuts and/or pecans, to serve

cacao nibs, to serve


  1. Add banana and optional spice(s) to the oat mixture when first starting to cook in the pot.
  2. Once cooked, turn off the heat; add oil and flax meal. Stir.
  3. Serve into warmed bowls, and top with nuts and cacao nibs.

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